The start of something new!

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The start of something new!

Post  Twinkle Spark on Sun Feb 26, 2012 12:59 am

Twinkle Spark was eager to train and get stronger, so he decided to do some training in the Everfree Forest, so he wouldnt accidentally hurt any of the townspeople of Ponyville. He first decided to use his Destructo Disc to cut down trees to improve his accuraccy and train himself for better Ki control. He kept using it over and over until he was out of Ki. Towards the beginning he wasnt doing so well, he would either miss, or barely nick the tree, but towards the end, his accuraccy was almost spot on. He decided to take a nap and replenish his Ki so he could resume his training. He found a nice shady spot under a tree, layed down, and in no time he was fast asleep. After an hour or so, he woke up to a manticore getting ready to chow down. He immediatly sprung up and flew around it to confuse it. He then stopped and quickly started circling around it in the other direction to disorientate it even more. He stopped and the manticore was very dizzy, so he used this chance to jab it in the stomach. He knocked the wind out of it, naturally causing it to fall to the ground, holding its stomach. Twinkle Spark then got on his hind legs, put his hooves into the air, and channeled the Ki to his arms. He prepared a Destructo Disc. After around 10 seconds of preparing to launch his attack, he threw it, cutting the manticore clean in half. Twinkle Sparks stomach then growled, and man was he hungry. He used a few more Destructo Discs to cut the beast into smaller pieces. He then gathered many sticks, leaves, and anything other that he could find to build a fire. He piled everything he found together, and shot a Ki blast at the pile of sticks to light it on fire. He then used a few bigger sticks to make a stand so he could cook the manticore over the fire. He put the individual chunks of meat on to a stick and put it over the fire while spinning the stick. He had quite a meal, and then decided to head back. He had a decent training session and was happy he could make more progress. He headed back to Ponyville, went into his home and slept. (Since there are no other admins at the time, i am just going to grade this a 750 PL.)

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