Big Bad Beef Cake

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Big Bad Beef Cake

Post  BeefCake on Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:41 am

Beef Cake



Age: Baby

Race: Earth Pony

Cutie Mark: A Chicken Leg

Personality: Stupid, Dimwitted, Likes Meat, Hates Vegetables

History: Beef Cake is a genetically enhanced super-pony, created as a result of a scientific project known as the BeefCake Initiative. When Beef Cake was still within his mother's womb, his DNA was fused with a meatball, giving him super-pony strength. When he was born, he was too strong to be kept under control, so he was put up for adoption. Shortly after, Beef Cake broke through several walls and knocked some serious pony skulls as he escaped the adoption center. Now he roams the streets, searching for someone to be his master...


---Meat Cannon: Beef Cake gargles a few soggy chunks of meat in his mouth before charging them into a dark red blast of energy, which is then fired from the mouth.

---Chicken Club: Beef Cake draws some protein out of his stomach and forms it into pure energy, molding it into the shape of a very large chicken leg. He may then use the club to cause large amounts of blunt damage.

Starting location: Ponyville


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Re: Big Bad Beef Cake

Post  Twinkle Spark on Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:51 pm

Idk how your gonna get meat... But approved!

Twinkle Spark

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