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Post  Twinkle Spark on Sat Feb 25, 2012 3:22 pm

When you reach certain power levels, you can learn new transformations the same way you learn new spells.

False Super Pony (35,000 PL): A transformation for those who cannot handle the power of super pony yet. This multiplies you PL by 2x. It makes your aura color turn yellow and pupils disappear. This transformation puts very much stress on the body.

Super Pony (50,000 PL): This transformation multiplies your power level by 4x. It also makes your mane and tail grow larger and turn yellow, as well as your aura.

Super pony 2 (100,000 PL): A higher extent of Super Pony. This transformation multiplies your PL by 8x.

Super Pony 3 (200,000 PL): The highest transformation. Multiplies PL by 16x.

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