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List of Spells

Post  Twinkle Spark on Sat Feb 25, 2012 12:43 am

This thread will tell you all the different spells you can learn. You may also make your own, but it must be approved my an admin.

Death Beam: Is a lethal, powerful technique used by Frieza. The user extends his right Hoof and fires a small, thin, very fast, and concentrated laser-like beam of ki from the users hoof, which barrels down and pierces through an opponent.

Flight: Uses magic to grant the user flying capabilities.

Telekinesis: Uses magic to levitate small objects.

Kamehameha: The Kamehameha is formed when the hooves are brought to the user's side and the ki is concentrated into a single point between the hooves. The hooves are then thrust forward to shoot out a streaming, powerful beam of energy.

Solar Flare: The technique is performed by the user placing their hooves close to the center of their face. The user then calls out 'Solar Flare!' and a blinding white light fires out that blinds everything watching except the user.

Special Beam Cannon: The move is performed by touching the hoof to the forehead and charging enough energy to attack. When ready, the fingers are extended forward, the attacker shouts the name of the attack and two thin ki beams are unleashed from the hoof. The resulting beam is quite powerful, drilling through most targets, and exploding on the ones it can't.

Spirit Bomb: Users of the Spirit Bomb gather huge amounts of energy from all chosen surrounding life forms and conduct that energy into a massive sphere of astounding destructive power. When used it is quite swift, and if the user is not careful of it, the Spirit Bomb could absolutely obliterate a planet.

Masenko: You raise both hooves over your head and place them together, one over another, and then charge a ki blast similar to the Kamehameha.

After-Image Attack: The user can move so fast he leaves an after-image, While attacking from another standpoint.

Galactic Donut: A burning ring of chi energy that can be used to trap the opponent for a while, making him susceptible to other attacks, before exploding and causing damage.

Destructo Disc: It is a flat, disc-shaped Ki blast, which can be used to slice through its target with deadly accuracy. At lower powers it'll be easier to dodge, but at higher levels it'll be much faster.

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack: The user spits out a ghost-like form closely resembling the person. The ghostlike form has a mind of its own, and when it hits anything it explodes, severely damaging whatever is caught in the blast. They are similar to homing missiles.

Eraser Cannon: It is a large, powerful Ki blast shot from the mouth, and can cause destruction in a very large radius when it hits.

Scatter-Shot: Shoots a blast from each hoof, then control the blasts so that they merge and then directs it above the heads of the enemies, thereupon split the blast again into many smaller Ki bolts which rain down upon the enemies.

Crasher Ball: The Crasher Ball is a ki-ball that is produced from the palm of the hand.

Big Bang Attack: A fairly powerful blast attack fired out of a single palm facing forwards.

Dodon Ray: A blast shot from one finger, which explodes upon impact. The attack was created to rival the Kamehameha, and it is certainly deadly.

Create Dragonballs (NEEDS 75,000 PL TO LEARN): The user uses magic to create the dragon balls, which scatter all over the planet. If you gather all 7 Dragon Balls, you can make 3 wishes of what ever you want. You can only revive ponies once with this. Every time this spell is used, nobody can use it for 2 months real time. You must roleplay your pony finding the Dragon Balls. PLEASE ALERT AN ADMIN BEFORE USING THIS SPELL.

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