A dojo in the Everfree forest? (AWAITING PL)

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A dojo in the Everfree forest? (AWAITING PL)

Post  Twinkle Spark on Mon Mar 19, 2012 12:21 am

Twinkle Spark decided to go on a nice stroll through Ponyville. With the heat of the sun, he was dripping with sweat and exhausted. This was not as nice as a walk as he had wanted. Just then, he sensed a powerful power level approaching, far exceeding the expectations of an ordinary pony. A pony then stopped Twinkle Spark and said "Hello sir. I sensed your power level, and decided to come invite you to my dojo.". Twinkle examined him, and sensed that he was the source of the high power level. Twinkle Spark decided to go with him. He wanted to test his powers. "That sounds like fun. Take me there." he said willingly. The pony then turned around and started walking while saying "Follow me.". Twinkle Spark followed the stallion and they eventually reached the Everfree Forest. Uh oh, this place is bad news. Twinkle Spark thought to himself as he kept following the pony. After walking for a few moments, they arrived at the dojo. A small building made of wood. The pony then walked inside, and Twinkle followed. When he stepped inside, the pony immediately turned around and got in fighting position. "Try to beat me." he said as he started running towards Twinkle. The pony jumped and kicked, but Twinkle flew to the side and then threw a mid-air kick at the pony's head. The pony swayed to the right, barely dodging, then ran forward and used his momentum to punch Twinkle straight in the stomach. I dont get it! How did he send me so far with that punch? This punch sent Twinkle Spark flying into the wall. After a few moments, Twinkle Spark got up, and flew towards the stallion. Twinkle threw a punch while flying towards him, aiming at his chest. The pony used his hooves to redirect his punch to the side, then shot him with a few ki blasts. Twinkle Spark went flying to the ground after he got hit in the side by the ki blasts. He redirected my punch such ease! This guy is strong! Twinkle thought to himself as he held his side in pain. After a while of thinking to himself, he managed to stand back up on his hooves. "This is disappointing! Fight like you mean it!" the strange pony shouted as he stood there ominously. Twinkle charged his ki in his arms, and then output it to a Destructo Disc and threw it towards the pony. The stallion barely caught it, and couldnt maintain it for any longer than a few seconds, so he threw it right back at Twinkle. Catching the Destructo Disc put alot of strain on his body, so at this point they were both exhausted. As the Destructo Disc came flying back at Twinkle, he barely managed to jump out of the way. As soon as he got up, the strange stallion came charging at him and punched Twinkle straight in the ribs, catching him off guard. The punch sent Twinkle flying across the room. As Twinkle layed on the ground, he put one hoof up and said "Im done, we can stop now.". The stallion ignored him and charged him again, this time stomping his hoof on Twinkle's solar-plexus, knocking the wind out of him. What is with this guy?! Is he trying to kill me?! Twinkle Spark thought to himself as he was being crushed by his enemy. The enemy pushed his hoof down harder and harder as Twinkle almost screamed in agony. He knew that this pony was trying to kill him. The stallion finally took his hoof off Twinkle and kicked him. "Pathetic. I expected so much more from you. Turns out your just a weak fool." the pony muttered as he looked down at Twinkle. That tore it. Twinkle immediatly jumped up and channeled all of his ki into his hooves. "What? You shouldnt be able to stand up after that!" the man shouted as he got in to battle position again. After a few moments of charging his ki, he output all of it into another Destucto Disc. He then flew towards the pony and threw the disc at him. As the stallion was still lost in thought at the sight of Twinkle getting up after what he did to him, he was caught off guard. The Destructo Disc cut straight through the pony and cut throught the wooden wall as well. The stallion fell to the ground in 2 pieces. Twinkle then flew to the stallion who was now cut in half and said "What a pity. Such power could be used for such better reasons.". The reason why the man tried to kill Twinkle was still unknown, but he was just glad he was still alive. Twinkle then simply left the dojo and headed back to Ponyville with a broken rib. He went to the hospital and was treated for his injurys.

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