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All in all I didn't go to the forests very much. Sure they were pretty, but I generally prefered to stick to Ponyville and it's surrounding cities, there was so much more stuff to do there. And so many more ponies to mess with. But my current magic teacher, I hadn't even memorized his name yet, said that the peace and quiet of this forest would be good for my concentration. So I had no choice but to listen. At least Everfree had monsters I could fight, but this place didn't seem to have much to do. The sightseeing was kind of fun, but I was getting pretty bored regardless. Until I saw something move beside a small pond, and hurried towards it. This was the "safe forest", but decided a bit of tact still was in order. At worst I might scare it away, it was definitely too big to be a bird. As I looked out of the bushes, I saw that it was a pony, a fairly big one with unusual clothing. Actually ponies in full clothing was pretty unusual itself, but I'd never seen a material of this sort before. It was somehow armored and fabric at the same time, it honestly kind of gave me a headache to look at too hard. I wasn't very good at sensing aura strength either, but regardless of powerlevel, the pony looked tough. I was totally bored, and this seemed perfect. So I stepped out and grinned up at him. "You look pretty strong, how about a spar?" But to my surprise he immediately raised a hoof and fired a large blast at me. He was fast too, and it took all my speed to let me roll out of the way. "Woah! Hey that's cheating!" But he wasn't just sparing, and shouted "Just die!" As he rushed at me and swung down and axe-kick. The kick knocked me back, and as I fell I quickly stumbled back to my hooves, turning around and releasing a Toxic Haze. "Smell this!" The pony didn't expect this tactic, and began to choke and cough, as I rushed over to headbutt him with my horn. "Not so tough now huh?" As he fell back, to my surprise he managed to shake off the daze, and raised his hoof again. "Your far out of your league child." This time he fired a large beam, yet it was almost as easy as a simple blast, he really was out of my level. Diving to the side of the beam, I leaned forward and pointed my horn at him again. "Your a lousy pony, but I bet you'll make a delicious brownie!" With that I fired my henka beam, and in a flash the pony turned into a large chocolate brownie with vanilla frosting. "To eat or not to eat... well you do seem like a jerk..." I licked my lips tauntingly, but to my surprise the brownie shot in my direction, slamming me right in the underbelly. "No way!" As I was knocked away, it faded to the other side, and hit me again in the right flank. I was knocked to the ground, and as I gasped for breath the brownie returned to normal. "That spell... an Umbric?" He looked at me intensely, not seeming to want to attack now. "No, your aura is far to solid. But your a curious child." Walking over he bent down and held one hoof against my horn, using a ki blade from the tip to slice off the edge. At this point I was seriously ready to kill him, no one hurts my horn, but I had just been beaten up by a brownie, and was barely holding on to consciousness. "You can live until I analyze your horn, and then we'll see what my superiors want done with you." With that the pony vanished, and I grumbled to myself, really not sure what just happened. I remained stunned for nearly forty-five minutes, but as I managed to finally return to my hooves, I looked down at the pond. "My horn, my precious..." But sure enough the tip was back in place. Either it had regenerated somehow, or something was very very wrong here. "If this is what it takes to build concentration, I don't want it!" With that I dashed at fullspeed back for Ponyville, I was not entering this forest again anytime soon.

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Re: A strange pony (AWAITING POWER LEVEL)

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950 PL added!

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