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Blood Lust

Post  Blood Lust on Thu Mar 08, 2012 2:12 pm

Blood Lust


Gender: Male

Age: 21, Adult

Race: Earth Pony

Cutie Mark (If any): Bloody Knife, Hidden by ninja outfit.

Personality: Cunning, Sly, Loyal, Destructive, Talks only when spoken to.

History: Blood Lust grew up in a small town, located a bit west of Ponyville. The town was almost always bright and happy, and everyone in the town was always nice towards Blood Lust. His family had a fair amount of money, and he had a good amount of friends. The only thing that upset Blood Lust was his family. His Dad and Mom were almost always out of town, leaving him to take care of the house. They never seemed to make time for his son, ignoring them for their very busy work. Blood Lust worked hard to try to make his parents happy, getting good grades and doing all his chores without being told to, but they still ignored him. To help with his sadness of his family Blood Lust drank as much coffee as he could, creating a addiction for the substance. Whenever near coffee Blood Lust goes insane, doing whatever he can to get ahold of the substance. This went on for years…then at age 11 things just got worse. Blood Lust’s dad and mom were taken into prison for crimes of mass murder. It was reveled to the world that Blood Lust’s mom and dad were one of the world’s most wanted assassins, and had been killing owners of wealthy businesses for a small gang. This news ruined Blood Lust’s reputation. He couldn’t see his friends, his teachers started to give him bad grades just because they hated him, and he couldn’t see the rest of his family who said he was the spawn of the devil himself. So Blood Lust just stayed in his house, and the only time he left it was to go to school. After dropping out of high school Blood needed a line of work, but no one would take him, purely because of his reputation. Thus, Blood Lust had to resort to the thing he had hoped he wouldn’t have to, his parent’s line of work: Assassinations. After a few years of training, now at the age 18, Blood Lust was ready to go and take revenge on the world that shunned him. Working for the same gang as his parents Blood Lust killed off who he was told to, as long as he got enough pay (or coffee). But after a year of working for the gang, Blood Lust started to demand for more pay. Feeling he was dangerous to the gang, the leader sent their best men to kill him off. Sadly, they underestimated Blood Lust and after he killed off the assassins he killed off all the gang members. Now without a job, and without anyone in the town to kill, Blood Lust travels to Ponyville to find a new master and some new victims.

Spells (You may start with 2):

Flight: Uses magic to grant the user flying capabilities.

Coffee Dunked Donut: The user shoots out a energy ring, that looks like a coffee dunked donut. The ring then traps the opponent, squeezing them any time they move. The more PL the user has, the stronger the donut squeezes. The donut lasts for 6 minutes, and after the 6 minutes it explodes.

Starting location (choose from the front page): Ponyville

Blood Lust

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Re: Blood Lust

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