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Gender: Male

Age: Child

Race: Unicorn

Cutie Mark: None

Personality: A rude, sarcastic, annoying little brat. Nichols is an absolute terror and loves to play mean tricks on other ponies. His primary skill is "Toxic Haze", a magical fart attack that he finds hilarious, but most just find disgusting. Nichols is quite lazy when he's not playing, and rarely takes things seriously. Unless you make him angry, in which case he can go right off in the other direction, overreacting and seeking a perfect trick or trap to get his revenge. Nichols likes learning new magic, but hates to focus, and prefers to let it come to him naturally. He enjoys bossing around other kids, but is rarely a genuine leader to them. As his build suggests Nichols is a gigantic glutton, and can eat ridiculously huge amounts, especially of candy.

History: Nichols is very young, having not even gotten his cutie mark yet, but is something of a magical prodigy. However his laziness hampers his immense potential, and the two somewhat balance each other out. For this reason magic teachers frequently trade him around, attempting to be the one to finally get him to focus. So far no one has kept the job. Nichols is one of Ponyville's foremost troublemakers, and he loves to play nasty tricks. While his magic is underdeveloped by most standards, he's still very powerful for his age and uses this to boss around other kids, having quite a few who act as his lackeys. Though his laziness makes him a terrible leader, and they rarely do much of anything as a group. Though he will often recruit a few if he needs extra hooves for one of his tricks.


Toxic Haze- Nichols' trademark spell; a giant magical fart of horrific stench and power. In battle it can stun or daze his enemies, making him very useful as a support character to more direct fighters.

Henka Beam- A pink beam fired from Nichols' horn, which will transform the target into whatever he wants. However if the opponent is not defeated when he uses it, they'll be able to fight in the transformed state and, unless their powerlevel is 1/3 of Nichols or lower, they will return to normal after 5 minutes have passed. While Nichols is a little monster, he's not evil, and generally only eats badguys. Though he may pretend he's going to if you upset him.

Telekinesis- Uses magic to levitate small objects. (Unicorn)

Starting location: Ponyville

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Re: Nichols

Post  Twinkle Spark on Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:47 pm

... Interesting... But I'll allow it. Approved.

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