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Roleplay Rules

Post  Twinkle Spark on Fri Feb 24, 2012 11:28 pm

This thread will teach you the rules of roleplaying and how to progress.

Power Level: Power Level is the way to tell other players how strong your character is. You can gain Power Level by making training threads. To make a training thread, click on the location board of where your character is. Then click "New topic" and type out how your character trained. After you are done with it, post it and make sure you include "AWAITING POWER LEVEL" in the title. An admin will award you with power level depending on how descriptive you were, how much you typed, and how hard your character trained. After an admin awards you with Power Level, change the title so that it doesnt say "AWAITING POWER LEVEL" anymore. You can only post 3 training posts a day.

Making a character: To make a character, go to the "Pony creations" section and post your pony by using the character template i have provided. Fill out ALL the info, and if you dont have a picture of your pony, either describe what he/she looks like, or Google "Pony Maker", it will be on Deviantart. Pegasai and Unicorns start with 1500 Power Level, but Earth Ponies start with 3000.

Learning new spells: Every 3000 power level you gain, you can learn or make 1 new spell. I have provided a list of spells you can learn. To learn your spell, make a topic where your character is at, titled "Learning (spell your learning)" and write how your character trains to learn that spell. After using spells too much, you will be drained of energy, so roleplay that your character gets weaker and more tired after using spells. All ponies start with a basic Ki blast, so dont make a spell that is just that.

Transformations: When you reach certain Power Levels, you can learn different transformations that multiply your power level temporarily, but also put strain on the body. A list of transformations and when you can learn them is provided.

Races: When making your character, you must choose a race. A list of races and their specialties is provided in another thread.

Fighting other players: While roleplaying with other players, if it ever comes to 2 players fighting, make another thread named "(Name) Vs. (Name)". Take turns posting, come up with a posting order if there is more than 2 ponies fighting. Keep posting until the fighting stops, however the outcome may be. When the battle is over, have the person who started the thread put "AWAITING PL" in the title. An admin will add pl to each profile depending on how descriptive they were, how long their posts were, and how hard their ponies fought. When the PL is awarded, take out the "AWAITING PL" in the title.

Pony death: If a pony dies, the only way it can be revived is with the dragon balls, which can only be created by people who learn the spell for making them, and you must have at least 50,000 PL to learn that spell.

Multiple threads: You may be in multiple threads at one time, just dont overwhelm yourself with too many. Dont make another thread or join another thread if you dont know the outcome of a thread you are already in.

Bits: Bits is the currency in this roleplay. You obtain Bits the same way you get Power Level, but specify that you want Bits instead of Power Level in the training thread. To keep track of your Bits, an admin will put your Bits thread in the Bits board. You may reply to your Bits thread saying you want to buy an item. A list of items will be provided.

Kami: When making a new pony, you can specify somewhere in the application that he is the Kami AKA guardian of Equestria. An admin will have to approve him being Kami or not. The Kami owns the Ancient Lookout, and will live there in the roleplay.


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