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anti killer

Post  antikiller on Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:05 pm



Gender: male

Age(Baby, Child, Teenager, Adult.): adult

Race: pony

Cutie Mark (If any): an evil skull

Personality: evil dark angry deadly

History: anti killer was born in a volcano house in the oceon. on e day his mom felt really painful. she said "ahhhh the baby is coming" so she called a docter but the docter was to late. anti killer was already born and becus the docter wasnt there his mom died and his dad commit suicide. the docter looked at the smaall pony and thought to himseld "hmmm this pony is to powerful to stay alive" so the docter took the small baby anti killer to the top of the voclano and threw him in "now you cant hurt anyone else again evil pony" the docter said with an angry in his eye...


"AHHHHHHHHHHH" the docter scremed. suddenly the baby anti kiler rose out of the lava with red eyes and big wings. "you can not kill me mortal" he said with red fire shootinf from him. the docter tried to run but it was to late he couldnt run fast enough and anti killer grabbed him and spun around in a flip and threw him back into the volcano and luaghed. "HAHAHAHAHA you are so weak now ill get even STRONGEEERRRR" anti killer yelled and flew off to equestria to take over the worl.

Spells (You may start with 2): darkness machine gun: anti killer charges red and blak energy in his eyes and shoots them really fast at the enemy.

create ponyballs: anti killer has the power to make ponyballs, which are like dragonballs but only grant evil wishes. he can only make them once in 2 months

Starting location (choose from the front page): ponyville


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Re: anti killer

Post  Twinkle Spark on Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:49 pm

Erm, i cant accept this. The attack "Create Ponyballs" is pointless and i cannot let you use it at such a low power level. Also, you need to specify if he is an earth pony or pegasus, just the word pony isnt descriptive enough. You also need to work on your grammar, and your story is very far-fetched. You can edit all these things and i will look through it again.

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